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Let me just start by saying that Sara and Kenny opened the can of worms, so to speak, of me re-entering the world of wedding photography.  I was done.  I had sworn off shooting weddings for eternity (okay, maybe a little dramatic here).  But then Sara got engaged, and obviously I had to make an exception.  Sara is like family.  Her sister Caitlin is my “soul sister”. Caitlin was my personal assistant for 3 full years–doing everything from running errands, to editing weddings, to shooting along side of me through many a tough gig.  . I LOVE HER.  And I LOVE HER SISTER.  Sara is the yin to Caitlin’s yang.  She’s the best sister and friend that Caitlin could have ever asked for.  Sensitive, sweet, thoughtful, I want to adopt her.  And then, there is Kenny.  Wow–Kenny might genuinely be one of the kindest most honest man I have ever met. This is not hyperbole.  He is an incredible man (not bad on the eyes, either). He is an insanely talented musician and the front man of Natural Geometry (he even laid down some tracks on the day of the wedding–see below).

I watch Kenny and Sara and all of their family and friends and I yearn to know them more.  Their vivacity is contagious, and their loyalty, fierce. I am so honored that I got to be a part of this perfect union and beautiful wedding day.


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Love is something that I believe can not be defined.  In fact I looked up the definition in the dictionary before writing this and it was almost esoteric:  1.)An intense feeling of deep affection 2.) verb: to feel a deep romantic or sexual attraction to someone.  So basically, by definition you CAN love somebody you meet at a bar or have just known for a few hours.  The word and definition of the word, Love seem pale compared to the connection I see when Julia and Craig are together.   They have something DEEP–something more organic and destined than Webster’s definition.  It’s Love, of course, it just can’t be felt or described by anybody other than Julia and Craig.  It’s simply just there–a beautiful connection so conspicuous and pure, it’s captivating.  Julia and Craig’s wedding day was  a celebration of this magic–the union of these two souls who are clearly made for one-another.  The wedding day felt as equally pure and honest,  and will surely go down as one of my favorites.

Congratulations, Julia and Craig. You guys have “it”.  Thank you for letting me witness the magic. xo


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