When I thought I was done photographing weddings, I didn’t think about all of the friendships I would miss out on.  I forgot how many people I had met and come to love, simply because of my career as a wedding photographer–people like Laura and Mike and their precious son, Levi.  Its these relationships, these beautiful people full of light and love and stories fairy tales are made from that I’ve missed.

Laura and Mike have quite the story–they’ve journeyed from loss and heartbreak to a renewed hope.  They have trusted to love again and they know that above all, family is their sanctuary.  This was all so palpable at the St Vrain on 12/28.  Laura and Mike’s wedding was more than a beautiful wedding (that, it was!).  It was also a tribute to  hope, joy, love and God.  All the fruits.

Thank you Laura and Mike for reminding me that love is so much bigger than a rapid heart beat and a flutter.  Your love is so clearly unconditional–for each other and for Levi and for all of the wonderful family that surrounded and supported you on your wedding day. Blessings.