Every once in awhile a couple crosses my path and I find myself feeling extraordinarily grateful.  I’m grateful that I get to make a living doing my art.  And I’m grateful that I get to make my art with such remarkable people.   Jordan and Pat set the bar.  They are Authentic.  Kind. Creative.  Stylish. In-love.  Today was one of those mornings when I genuinely woke up feeling grateful and excited to to write and share the images from a wedding.

I met Jordan serendipitously through a wedding coordinator  7 or 8 years ago.  Little did we know then, that we share a long line of friends and history.  Jordan’s Grandmother lived right next to my grandmother out in Eastern Colorado and were best of friends.  When Jordan found out 7 years ago that I was going to name my daughter Ramona after my grandmother, she put two and two together.  Ramona Harris.  Julie Harris.  Nonie (my grandma, Ramona).  I learned that Jordan is almost a cousin to me.   And that was just the beginning…  As I’ve gotten to know Jordan and Pat, I’ve come to appreciate who they are so much.  I find myself wanting to connect with them more and more every time I look through these pictures and relive their wedding day, and I hope that this will be just another page in our history.  I hope to foster a deeper friendship with them and get to know them even more.  And so I feel grateful. I feel grateful that my art has brought me to Jordan and Pat.  Thank you, guys for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and the honor of shooting your wedding.  I adore you both so much