It’s a fact. Medical Marijuana is now legal in the state of Colorado with a valid State of Colorado medical marijuana registration, and there are literally hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver alone. The Releaf center contacted me to do some “branding” for them. They wanted some images that could portray who they are as people and as a business to counteract some of the negative cliches surrounding the industry. Many people out there have the perception that “growing” is a job for a bunch of hippies who can live the dream smoking pot all day, while making money off of high school students. Of course some serious pot connoisseurs can set up their own “hydroponic” system in their closet at home, but to grow thousands of plants and hundreds of strains as medicine is a completely different ball game. These guys are extremely professional, extremely organized, and are working many, many hours in this warehouse to produce some of the finest medicine in the state. I also want to add that the green thumbs over at the Releaf center are not smoking joints while trimming their plants….
I am a photographer who shoots primarily weddings and family portraits so I was a bit hesitant to post this, as my readers could be more conservative on the issue, but I honestly couldn’t think of a reason why this should be “taboo”. Whether we like it or not ( and I happen to like it), marijuana is now available as medicine, and dispensaries are popping up like coffee shops. However, not all dispensaries are created equal, and I wouldn’t blog about just any. Beyond the fact that the Releaf center is just down the street, and is friendly neighbor, I was surprised and impressed to hear about all that they are doing. In addition to selling medicine, both plant and edibles, the Releaf center offers a slew of services to their members including educational classes, housekeeping, free meals, day spa treatments, discounts at other local business and RTD transportation assistance. Believe it or not, the Releaf center is not just a hole in the wall, glorified drug dealer. It’s a healing center that sincerely cares for its patients. For more information and a video tour of the center, check out their website: