My Daughters

While I have been studiously making images for the last 20 years, it has been since I’ve had daughters that I’ve been creating my best work. As a mother, I have the most intimate glimpse into the lives of my little girls, Ramona Moon and Sylvie June. I know every dimple, every freckle. I recognize every lie. I know when Ramona is feeling ignored or when Sylvie is suddenly silent with wonder. And when I can capture these things—when I can make an image of Ramona’s cerebral expression—the one that in one moment seems to portray the weight of the world, and then the next breaks into to a contagious giggle, I feel like the most successful photographer in the world.

Or when Sylvie looks through my camera with her wild eyes, full of angry tears and not flinch at the equipment, I am convinced that I am making the most important work in the world. Childhood is fleeting, and parenting young children is just a short chapter in the span of a lifetime. I am so grateful that I can make living, breathing images— ones that can and will pass the test of time. This continuing body of work of Ramona Moon and Sylvie June is my heart. It is a raw, unfiltered diary of a day in their lives. It is the work I am most proud of, and the compass for all of my future work to come.