This little 8-month-old, Claudia might be my biggest fan.  I have never had a baby respond to me like she did.  Not even my own babies–ha!  It was amazing, actually–she was so aware of my presence and she loved showing off for me–she’s my new littlest friend.

Everything  about my session with the Wunschs was so authentic.  The smiles, the snuggles, the coffee in hands and  the dinner simmering away in the kitchen.  This shoot was exactly what I love to do.  I love to walk into a home and photograph a little family giving  kisses and  having tantrums. It’s the  new mom and dad sharing a quiet or hilarious moment;  the “fleeting moment” that we so often miss because we are snapping our fingers, saying “smile”.  It’s a slice of  life.  And I love being its spectator.