The Quinns–featuring the expected “Kiki-Money”

I am so grateful that Aubrey and Kirk called me about 4 years ago asking me to photograph their pregnancy with baby, Jones.  I fell in love with them  instantly and have since then added this family to my list of very close friends.  Aubrey and Kirk are my hero parents.  The way they parent Jones, and still manage to get in a dozen concerts a year (sometimes with Jones) and throw back  beers regularly…  they make parenting look so fun.  And there is never a dull moment with this family,  so I’m not surprised that Jones has come up with the name  “Kiki Money” for his new baby sister who will be arriving in March.  Georgia will be her proper name, but I have a feeling Kiki Money may stick.


It isn’t work shooting families like these. I’m just so lucky to have clients like the Quinns who make my work feel like a mere extension of my breath.

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