I couldn’t leave Paris without doing a little night shooting in Pigalle, although it took some guts to go out there at night with my 70-200mm and photograph the sex district of Paris (Pigalle by the way, means pig alley)—serious guts. So, I took along some friends and we “created” Pigalle through my eyes with a few set up shots and some models ( thanks to Cayetana, and Cayetan).

Prostitution is legal in France and Pigalle is the red light district adorned with sex shops, strip clubs and “champagne bars” where a glass of champagne –depending on the type, is actually a sexual act. It’s colorful, intimidating and wonderful all at once, if you can get stomach the prostitutes and pimp’s constant persuasion to get you to come into their clubs. Nan Goldin must love this place. I thought of her during the entire shoot. Sorry there aren’t more images here, but like I said I was pretty nervous shooting, and standing still and shooting with my telephoto felt overly conspicuous and, well rude. This will be something I’ll have to work on if I want to continue shooting the underbellies of society. Because this little collection truly is, a pathetic depiction of Pigalle….