These images should be pretty easy on the eye…. they are nothing more than tourist photos, but hopefully beautiful tourist photos none the less.  One of my favorite things to do in Paris is the barge tour down the Seine.  It’s super cliche, I know but I can’t do it enough!  I always bring a bottle of wine in my purse and nurse it while I look out at this splendid city—wind on my face or at my back, it doesn’t make difference—I get so happy! The best time to do this is at night–because Paris seriously is a city that should be seen by night.  Enjoy the tour!

I think Jesse was in awe…..

The weather is unpredictable in Paris.  It was totally beautiful out, and then the clouds just opened up and starting pouring….

and pouring!

this is the color of the sky right after it rains…. I love it here!