What a freaking roller coaster ride this workshop has been. I don’t know if I’m deflated or inspired–both, I think. I don’t know if I’m a wedding photographer (by eye) or a Nan Goldin. But herein lies the issue. I am both–I hope. And I want to somehow learn to bring these elements together. Not for weddings, not for street photography, but as my “style”– a complete package of the yummy emotion of a sentimental photographer and the edge of one who hangs out with junkies. Is this possible? It’s who I am (sans the junkies). David is an incredible encouragement. He knows me well enough already after a few nights of partying to know that I have it in me to really get in the grittier scenes and still capture the compassion–and yet he keeps saying “almost there, Julie. Almost there, but not quite.” I’m frustrated and scared that I’ll never fully transcend where I’m at, but it’s all good. We are only 3 days in, and to be honest it’s just completely refreshing to be focusing on my work and my style rather than booking weddings. So I’ll be posting some “almost there” images and hopefully I will see this voice that I crave start emerging as the week progresses. This is my ultimate goal—and of course a handful of bad-ass images….