Nope…. this is not a workshop led be me.  I’ll just be hosting it.   I don’t really have many brilliant things to say when it comes to being an organized photographer other than to call on Regina of The Organized Photographer to revolutionize your work-flow!  I just spent over 4 hours with this amazing lady while she schooled me on getting my act together so that my daily grind  is streamlined and savvy.   Her first question to me was, “What would your perfect day look like?“  I answered, impulsively saying that I would love to wake up, enjoy a cup of strong, steaming black coffee,  write in my journal, drive to Boulder, take a long hike up Sanitas, then head to the Boulder Cafe for Happy hour.  I’d then probably come home, watch an episode of Mad Men and go to bed early in freshly laundered sheets.  She said, “How often do you do this?”  Never was my answer, of course.   I never have time!  The only thing I do on this list on a regular basis is the strong black coffee!  It’s ironic actually, I’m a person who fully embraces freedom and “quality of life” and I preach it on a regular basis to others, but I’m never actually walking what I talk–albeit the travel of course, which if you ask my husband, I don’t have time for either.  Regina however preaches about literally making space and time in your life and in your work to do the things that you love, so that you are living your dream day–be it spending time with your children or hiking Sanitas with friends.  Sounds nice, eh?
I don’t want to spoil the workshop, but let me put it this way…  I didn’t even have a portrait contract before Regina met with me.  I didn’t have a filing system or database for my clients or future clientele.  I didn’t even have a trash can under my desk.  I simply accumulated a years worth of unnecessary junk and somehow stuffed it into every corner of my studio.  It looked nice to an outsider coming in of course.  I could present myself as an organized photographer but I dreaded the day I would have to go through every loose data DVD lying around, or send a mass email to my clients…   Today however, Regina did that for me, and with me.  And she’ll do it for you too!  I am so excited about Regina’s mad skills as an organized photographer, business coach, and artist (did I mention that she is an esteemed and incredible photographer of 10 years) that I am going to host a mini-clear the clutter workshop to get people started on the right foot!  Come learn new ways to create a work space that nourishes you, work more efficiently and align your values with your daily to-do list. Bring a notebook and a friend!  Whether you are just starting your photography business or simply want to gear up for the wedding season, this workshop is for you!
The mini-clear the clutter workshop will be held at 7pm on June 1st at my studio: 2405 West 32nd Ave Denver, CO 80211.
The cost is $35 which will include cocktails, food and a serious education!
Please contact Regina at [email protected]  by May 25th to RSVP. Hope to see you there!