Megan, Dylan and Baby Owen

If there were a strong case for me to continue shooting weddings, it would be to cross paths and form friendships with people like Megan and Dylan.  I have been so fortunate over the last 12 years to make so many friends and meet some incredible people through that gig.  But Megan and Dylan are the rare, once in a million kind of couple who came into my life at a time that must have been divined.

When Megan reached out and told me that they were expecting, I just smiled and nodded.  Yes.  If anybody should bring a baby into this world, it should be Megan and Dylan.  What wonderful parents they are and are going to continue to be.  Owen will always be surrounded by love and warmth and fun–not to mention good music and (when he’s 21) good beer.  (Dylan has started brewing his own beer which is pretty freaking incredible).

I hope to spend many evenings this summer listening to live music and drinking good brews with Megan and Dylan while our babies rumble on a blanket.  And we will just take it all in together–this journey called parenthood–the transitions, the growing pains, the peace and the abounding love that our little ones have brought to the table.  While weddings were once where I was in my life,  I am now enjoying documenting the next chapter in my client’s lives and am intoxicated with the sweet, simple moments that come with being a parent.  I am so happy that I have found people like Megan and Dylan who get to travel down this road with me.

Megan and Dylan, I love you guys and am so blessed to be able to call you my friends and fellow parents.  Owen–you are one lucky little dude. P.S. I want to eat your cheeks.

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