For many guests, Katy and Orlando’s wedding was a dream vacation–a once in a lifetime trip to far away, rarely visited tropical islands.  Not only was the wedding on the exclusive Necker Island (Sir Richard Branson’s private island near Virgin Gorda), but the week was packed full of parties and activities that made the wedding feel more like a week long party.  Katy and Orlando opened the celebration with a welcome dinner on Necker Island (unfortunately, we didn’t make it to that one because we were being “detained” in the airport due to  a mix up on my work permit).  The following night they held a Moroccan beach party alongside Branson’s beautiful, famous flamingos, with hooka pipes, a bonfire, an incredible Moroccan dinner, custom cocktails, and a view of one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The third night, Katy and Orlando hosted their rehearsal dinner as a “White Cuban Casino Night”. There was gambling, an amazing Cuban band from Puerto Rico, the best mojitos I’ve ever tasted, Cuban cigars, some lemurs (yes, lemurs), and of course some very heartfelt toasts by friends and family.  Every guest was invited to every party.  It was really fun for me to get to know some of Katy and Orlando’s friends and family as we partied and boated together from our resort Island to Necker.

The wedding itself was held at the temple house on Necker Island which basically overlooks the entire island and is surrounded by the turquoise sea.  Unfortunately, along with the logistics of the layout (no aisles, 4 videographers, pillars and an enormous swimming pool that I couldn’t work around), the flowers were so fabulous are extravagant that even from the other side of the pool I wasn’t able to get any wide shots from a distance. So, I guess you just had to be there to truly witness the grandeur of the ceremony.  It was spectacular.

The reception to follow was also another grand party with a live 80’s band, 4 different cakes, incredible food, desserts, drinks, decor, and major celebrating.  I imagine that I will never again have the opportunity to photograph a wedding quite like Katy and Orlando’s.  It truly was a once in a lifetime vacation for many and for me, a highlight of my career.  Thank you, Katy and Orlando–I am so, so honored that you flew me across the world to photograph your spectacular event.

And many, many thanks to Caroline Treadway, who assisted me at this wedding and devoted 6 days of her life to tagging alongside this preggo.  I couldn’t have done it without her and am constantly blown away by her talent.