This is exactly what I would like all of my family sessions to look more like.  A real, true “day in the life of” shoot.  There was not a single shot posed or contrived.  I simply showed up to the Carlson’s beautiful Lafayette farm and photographed this family doing exactly what they do everyday.  Of course most families would like images of everybody looking at and smiling for the camera.  Even I want some of those of my family. Those are beautiful too, and I can certainly do that and certainly do.  But it’s the honest moments in life that are forgotten if not captured.  The table conversations, the picking of ripe fruit off the apple tree, the children’s art hung in the stairwell, the bedtime stories, the wet dog.  These are the moments that should be preserved.   These are the moments that I’m most passionate about in my work.  Thank you to the Carlson’s for giving me the opportunity to do exactly what is is that I love to do.