Work isn’t work when working with women like Tamara Hutchins and Cynthia Goodberry. We did this shoot on Sunday, all in good fun and company. Of course Tamara is a natural beauty, but really Cynthia ( makes a lady glow with her mad makeup skills. Seriously… She’s a sought after makeup artist and you should call her. Jesse even told me that I should have Cynthia do my makeup everyday after he saw me all dolled up at a friend’s wedding. And Tamara—Wow! This smokin’ babe is in her 40′s! You’d never believe it. I didn’t until I visited her for facial rejuvenation (basically a natural, safe botox). Not only did I see immediate results, but my skin cleared up, my digestion was better, and I started sleeping better. Tamara is a miracle worker. Make an appointment with her and see for yourselves

I feel so fortunate and grateful for having such an amazing network of women in my life that I’ve been able to call my close friends. I will certainly be blogging about them more often to spread the love….