After a couple of margaritas a couple of Sundays ago, I had a realization that I am missing out on documenting my own life because I’m documenting everybody else’s…. To be completely honest, I am usually just too beat and burned out to bring my camera to every function and document my life. Especially when people are expecting it. But if I could make images like these below, with no expectation, no demand, and no pressure—just for me, I would do it all the time. And I think I will.
As a lot of you know, my husband is in a band, Jesse Daniel and the Reckoning. Jesse grew up in Lyons and the band played a benefit in Lyons a couple of weeks ago for a girl he grew up with whose house burned down. Despite the unfortunate event with the fire, the event was marvelous. It was a great day to be in Lyons listening to live music—hot like hell, but a good crowd, cold beer, no expectations .
Also, if any of you are interested in following Jesse Daniel and the Reckoning, please friend them on facebook, Also come check them out on Thursday night at 9pm. They will be playing the Hi-Dive on Broadway. I’ll be there drinking many beers, as I don’t have a wedding on Friday!