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Denver Boudoir Photographers | Julie Harris Photography

As one of the best Denver boudoir photographers around, Julie offers stunning and intimate boudoir photography services for clients looking for truly artful, sexy and beautiful boudoir photos. She will work with you to help you realize your vision for your boudoir photography shoot. Getting on the phone prior to your shoot can be a good idea to ensure that Julie knows what you’re looking for. Additionally, over the course of a 2 hour photo session, there will be plenty of time for outfit changes.

Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Julie will photograph you on location in the comfort of your own home, a hotel or at another location that suits your vision. Julie can make recommendations for a great hotel if you’d rather not do your boudoir shoot at home. She also knows of outdoor locations that would be great for an outdoor boudoir shoot. Julie does not provide hair and makeup, but check out the Denver Makeup Guru if that’s up your alley.

Contact Julie to learn more and schedule a shoot.

Boudoir photography services are available for Women Only. Serving Denver & Boulder, Colorado, which also includes Lafayette, Louisville, Lyons, Longmont, Broomfield and more.