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I generally don’t take weddings past the 15th of October.  I have to cap my “season” somewhere and mid-October leaves me some time to enjoy a little fall in Paris.  But Danielle and Trevor walked into my studio and sat down and I fell in love with them.  They are super laid back, bourbon drinking, pool playing, local natives—and the plans for their gorgeous fall wedding got me to cross my own boundaries and shoot a wedding on the 22nd of October.  And I’m so glad I did.  The weather was perfect, their venues, The Rysby Chapel and Lone Hawk Farm are two of my favorite places to shoot, and when I heard about Danielle’s dress… well, I’ll just let it speak for itself.  Glad this was the wedding that wrapped up my extended season.


  • Jamee Photography

    Gorgeous Julie!! The bride and her Dad before they walked down the aisle is amazing. You really should submit that image, the lighting is perfect and with the picture of Jesus above them... wow!! Has that baby come yet? The end and past the end is so hard because you just want to meet the little person that has existed inside for so long... hang in there, it is so worth the wait.

  • jan gonzales

    Killer shots Julie!!!! Simply amazing.

  • Shanna Magnuson

    some of the moments you captured here are quite beautiful!

  • Hubs

    Great wedding, honey! Really like this one a lot. :-)

  • Cory

    I just love her dress! Beautiful capture of the entire day.

  • Joe from Minnesota

    I love how clean your b&w's are. They make the entire image about just the emotions -- the girls sitting during the ceremony, for instance. Really great work...

  • Amanda Sutherlin

    No one can stand in your shadow!!!!!!!!! You're soooooo gooooooooooooooooood!

  • Danielle

    Julie, I was logging in for a baby update and came across your latest post. What a nice surprise! I want to express how thankful Trevor and I were to find you, get to know you and have you document this special day for us. In addition to the amazing photos I had seen of yours (causing me to gently stalk you :-)...from the start, with your carefree spirit and fun energy, you just “felt right”. The appreciation you have for life’s moments - from the subtle ones to the silly ones to the heartbreakers - and your ability to capture those moments so tangibly is truly incredible. Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with us -especially with the exciting things you have going on in your own life. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best as you welcome your new baby girl into this world!

  • Adrienne Kallas

    Awesome Wedding, wonderful pictures!

  • Greg Meir

    Great wedding Julie! Loved it from beginning to end.

  • chelsea

    hi i like your pics

  • Kathy

    OOOOOoooo!! So great job!! Her dress is stunning!!! I love the carriage!!!It's my dream!!!

  • Kelly Garsee

    You work brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  • Von Hobart

    I was at the wedding...beautiful event. your pics are beautiful- Im looking forward to seeing all the shots. vh

  • Ivor

    What a fantastic set of images

  • Suellen

    Uau... I love the dress and the photos are amazing...! It's perfect Julie...!!

  • Mitchel

    Your work with light is amazing wow

  • Luke Stanton

    beautiful set of images. Love the one of the dress hanging in the tree!

  • John

    Julie: I came across your website by accident and it was a wonderful "accident". Your work is amazing and I have to say that I am very jealous (but jealous in a good way). Congratulations on the great work you are doing. As a photographer I can understand the dedication, passion, and talent it takes to take images you are proud of. Your work has inspired me!!

  • Daniel from Medford, Oregon

    Beautiful photos. I especially like the carriage! Very nice.

  • Mitchel Mcclure

    This is spectacular

  • Photo Card Chef

    Beautiful wedding Julie!

  • Dinu

    Very special pictures , photographing in natural light it's so amazing.

  • Kimble

    Your work is amazing!

  • Ansley

    Timeless, memorable photographs. I love the one with the carriage... Thanks.

  • Yucel

    The black and whites... they have incredible mood, nice seeing them mixed in w the colors... gives depth to the presentation, great.

  • Go Bella

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Julie!

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