Lauren and Dan’s urban engagement session

Lauren and Dan are one of the couples that I am most excited about working with this upcoming season.  So it was no surprise that we had such a good time working together on their engagement portraits.  We started at a bar on Colfax and then went to twist and shout, where we got kicked out (which is always an adventure), and then landed at and around the Tattered Cover.
Dan was extremely nervous about doing the shoot–I honestly think  he thought he would have rather poked his eyes out than spend a Saturday afternoon posing pretty for engagement portraits.  But between you and me….  I think he ended up have a pretty good time.  Because I knew that Dan really didn’t want to pose for the camera, I did 90% of this shoot with a 70-200mm and was a voyeur.   I really like the challenge of having to work as a journalist with engagement portraits, rather than spend an hour posing and making “pretty”.  And the clients who prefer this type of documentation are my dream clients.  Posing is great for a couple of shots—I guess you’ve gotta have that “newspaper shot”, but when I get to hide and capture “real life” during a “real time” in somebody’s life, I’m pretty much happy all around.  Thanks, Lauren and Dan!  Can’t wait for March 26th!

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