Ashley and Dub—at Stonebrook Manor.

So I’m pretty sure that I have been officially banned from “Stonebrook Manor”. The managers were so offended at the way that I covered this wedding, that they actually came up to me and asked me if this were the last time that I would be shooting there.

Let me backtrack a bit…. Ashley and Dub are not the type of couple to take their photos posed formally on a landscaped bridge in the middle of Stonebrook Manor. That is not to say that there aren’t some beautiful aspects to Stonebrook, but when I get hired to capture the emotions, moods and personalities of a couple, I get full creative rights. Ashley and Dub preferred that we do their group formals across the street at at warehouse. If you look at the two of them, it was actually far more fitting. They are totally rock and roll, super laid back, and just damn cool! I think that Stonebrook just couldn’t grasp that we chose to do photos in front of dumpsters, instead of their gardens. They were probably mostly worried that these images would get out and that they would poorly represent the manor. However, I signed a contract with Ashely and Dub, not Stonebrook. It was one of my better “wedding party sessions”, and I loved that we did the tired “resevoir dogs” shot with the ladies, instead of the guys. There are only so many women who can really pull this shot off. Ashley and her girls rocked it!

One of the things that Ashely and Dub incorporated into their ceremony, was the drinking of life…. Each time they said a vow, the best man or the maid of honor would pour water into their glasses. When they were done withe their vows, they drank from “the cup”. Very cool, I thought. I also loved that Ashley put it down like a beer!


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September 05, 2008 at 03:09 PM

That is a crazy introduction to this wedding – I love it! 🙂

September 05, 2008 at 09:09 PM

You have the most ridiculously awesome opportunities!! Loved them all.. understood the ‘Reservoir Dog’ theme. That B&W close-up of the bride and groom.. where his face was pressed into her right ear as she looked off!.. simply AMAZING!! Julie.. if no one bothered to tell you today.. you are just a bundle of talent!!

September 06, 2008 at 10:09 PM

Julie, we are beyond ecstatic about the pictures you’ve posted here! They are absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to see the rest!! And clearly you are rock n roll yourself since you’ve been banned from a venue 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful blog!

September 10, 2008 at 11:09 PM

Julie, your such a rebel!!!! If there ever was a couple that was meant to have you photograph them, I think they are it…. Great job as always, hope to see you soon…..

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